8828 Facial / Massage Bed with light grey wooden frame & cabinet

Product Code : 8828
- 2 sections bed with adjustable Back rest, suitable for Facial and Massage purposes
- Can be changed to 1 section flat bed  (model 8827) for massage purposes only
- Upholstered with 2 layers of Polyester Fiber on top of high density foam for extra comfort
- Built in with one sided door opening cabinet
- Equipped with solid wooden light grey Epoxy Powder Coated bed frame
- Thick and big curve edged bed profile


- PVC leather colour: Optional (please select from Vinyl Colour Tones)
- Bed frame colour: Light Grey
- Length: 190cm (Wooden board length 186cm)
- Bed Overall Width Option 1: 80cm
- Bed Overall Width Option 2: 75cm
 Special Note: Actual flat surface is about 10cm lesser than Bed width.
- Height: 68cm
- Bed thickness: 14cm (5.5 inches)
** Proudly Made in Singapore.
*Customer´s Own Specification Acceptable Upon Request. Conditions and Applicable charges apply.*